High Quality Agents, Better Technology.

We are a collection of the best of the best agents in the industry who actually take the time to get to know you. We use the smartest technology to provide a higher quality, more efficient real estate experience.  We like to call it the Luxe Experience.  We are committed to providing the Luxe Experience to each and every one of our clients.

Our Mission is Simple


The Luxe Agency is driven by a desire to elevate the home buying and selling process in favor of our clients.  We don't provide a transaction.  We provide an experience. 


A Different Kind of Pay Creates a Different Experience

Unlike other brokerages, Luxe Agents are compensated not just on the sale, but on the sale you're truly happy about. We like to call it a "happy bonus".

We ask EVERY Luxe Client to rate and review their experience.
We compile, analyze and index EVERY rating, comment and review without exception.
The Luxe Agent's pay is determined by their client rating - the higher the rating, the higher the pay.

Luxe Sells Homes Faster. Better. Smarter.

Maximize your Profit

With our technology driven pricing strategies, Luxe clients sold their properties for more money on average, compared to other brokerages.  Say good-bye to worries that you've under-sold your home.

Sell like a VIP

As a Luxe client, you become part of our preferred network and receive a discounted brokerage fee that is better than any other brokerage.  High quality service at a lower cost is selling the Luxe way.

Close like a Pro

Luxe Agents have a proven system to bring qualified buyers to purchase your home.  We close transactions faster and at a higher rate compared to other brokerages. No more wasted time on unqualified buyers.



Get the Best Advice

*Request a free, no obligation listing consultation.

Luxe Buyers receive a rebate post closing.  Oh, and did we mention there's no fee for buyers to work with a Luxe Agent? There's nothing quite like a true win/win.

Find it faster

With our technology, you will see homes the moment they hit the market. Luxe Agents frequently preview current listing inventory and only bring you houses that are truly the right match. Say good-bye to waste-of-time home tours.

Save Money

Prior to making an offer, your Luxe Agent will do a scouting report to give you a detailed pricing history for you to make a smart offer. Luxe Agents are trained experts in negotiation. No more worries about over-paying for your new home.

Close Strong

We bring everything together to provide a seamless closing. We track every deadline for you. Our technology allows you to sign all docs electronically.  Luxe Agents pledge to provide a headache free path to the home you love.



Consult with a    Expert

*Request a free, no obligation buyers consultation.

Luxe Clients save money when buying or selling a home without sacrificing high quality service.