There are real estate agents.  And then, there are Luxe Agents.

so luxe

To us, it's more than just selling a house. It's a mission to provide the best experience possible. We believe that luxury is keen attention to detail. Our clients receive the advantage of working with industry leaders who take the time to listen and connect over a cup of coffee.  We are committed to providing the Luxe Experience to every client, every time.

the best of the best

We are very selective with the agents we hire to represent The Luxe Agency.  Anyone can get a real estate license, but not just anyone can become a Luxe Agent.  Our agents receive rigorous training and on-going education to service our savvy clientele. Our agents are knowledge leaders and expert negotiators. Luxe Agents are a cut above the rest.


on your side

We work hard so our clients can feel safe letting their guard down.  In an industry based solely on blind commissions, The Luxe Agency adopted a higher standard. Our agents are held accountable. We survey and track each and every client experience. Our Agents are paid based on the client's experience and satisfaction.

Luxe Agents live by our philosophy of People before Profit.  Literally.  A Luxe Agent's compensation is based on how happy our clients are.

We ask EVERY Luxe Client to rate and review their experience.
We compile, analyze and index EVERY rating, comment and review without exception.
The Luxe Agent's pay is determined by their client rating - the higher the rating, the higher the pay.

Our culture is based on our guiding philosophy.

1. People before profit.

    2. Luxury is in the details.

    3. Information is cheap. Accurate knowledge is priceless.

    4.  Doing the right thing will never be wrong.

    5. Urgency is our sixth sense.


    6.  There are no good excuses.


    7. Everything is Figure-Out-Able.




    Real Estate is our industry, but our business is people. Because we treat people right, business is always good.


    Personalized home staging? Check. Professional photography? Check.  Why settle for a transaction, when we can provide an experience? We Go Luxe in every detail and accept nothing less for ourselves or our clients.



    If it's on the internet, it must be true, right?  Not necessarily.  We are dedicated experts who separate real estate facts from fiction.  We work hard to stay ahead of ever changing market conditions.  We are experts because we've earned the title, not just because we call ourselves experts.



    The wrong way always has a short view, but the right way makes long term success possible.  We trust and believe in what's right, so our clients can trust us.



    Responding quickly and thoughtfully isn't a "rule" for us, it's who we are.  We respond to all phone calls and emails same day.  We realize that even if we don't have an update, that IS an update.  And if we don't have an answer at first, we will find it and get back to our client quickly.




    We realize that we can make progress, or we can make excuses, but we can't make both.  Instead, we're solution oriented.  We fix stuff.  Our time and energy is too precious to not move forward.  Making an excuse is a waste of time.




    Life brings challenges.  Our response to challenges is to figure it out.  We don't quit.  Ever.