You Are Not A Transaction.

At The Luxe Agency, people matter.  We are committed to listening to our client's unique needs and goals.  And then we deliver.

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"My Luxe Agent made me feel like I was Oprah buying a gazillion dollar house. As a single mom, I'm rarely afforded this level of care, concern and attention. It was fantastic!"


"Our Luxe Agent knew we needed to sell our house fast to relocate to another city.  Our home sold in 3 weeks and our agent negotiated a great deal for us to walk away with a nice profit."

"Our Luxe Agent did what other agents told us couldn't be done - we found the exact house we needed in a day and moved in within a month. It was nothing short of amazing."


"My Luxe Agent worked overtime to sell our condo quickly and find us a new home to move into. I felt like a hero to my daughter as I watched her gleefully play in our new back yard before summer's end."


"Our Luxe Agent worked hard to sell our condo quickly. We were able to move into a new house before our son was born.  We are very grateful for the hard work and dedication." 



"My Luxe Agent went above and beyond to find a pet-friendly condo that also had all the amenities I wanted. There was even a closing gift waiting for my dog!"